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What is Voki?

Voki is a website that allows you to create a speaking avatar that can be used in your blog, profile, or in e-mails.



How to create your own speaking avatar:


Step 1: Create a Voki account

1) Go to http://www.voki.com

2) Click on register in the top right corner and fill in the required information

3) Check your e-mail to confirm your account


Step 2: Login to Voki

1) Once you click on the link in the confirmation e-mail to activate the account, enter your username and password to login


Step 3: Create your avatar

1) Once you are logged in click on the "Voki For My Site" tab.  Then click "Create a New Voki".

2) Using the "Customize Your Character" buttons, create your Voki:

  • The "Head" tab allows you to create the physical appearance of your Voki
  • The button with the outline of a body allows you to choose what your Voki will look like.  Using the arrow keys, you can scroll left and right to choose different themes to choose your Voki from
  • You can use the dice button next to the Voki window to select a random character
  • Once you have chosen a head, you can click on the button of a head with hair to choose a hairstyle
  • You can then click on the button with lips on it to choose a mouth
  • If your Voki is a Male, you can click on the button with a mustache on it to choose facial hair
  • Once you have created your Voki, you can use the tabs below the Voki window to change the color of your Voki's eyes, hair, etc., or to tweak the size of its facial features
    • Color:  Click on the feature you want to change the color of and use the colors on the right to select to color you want by clicking on it
    • Tweak: Use the sliding bars to change the size of the listed features
  • The "Clothing" tab lets you dress your Voki
  • The button with a shirt on it lets you choose your Voki's clothing.  Using the arrow buttons to scroll left and right you can choose a theme to select your Voki's clothes from
  • Using the button with a hat on it, you can choose a hat for your Voki
  • The "Bling" tab lets you choose accessories for your Voki.  In the same way you chose clothing, you can use the buttons and the left and right arows to choose sunglasses, jewelry, etc.
  • When you are done creating your Voki's appearance, click the green "Done" button at the bottom of the customize your character window

3) Now use the "Give it a Voice" box to make your Voki speak:

  • The phone button allows you to enter your phone number.  You then receive a call that allows you to record what you want your Voki to say.  You can click "(Or, Call the Old Fashioned Way)" to get a phone number and passcode to call and record the message if you prefer to do it that way.
  • The keyboard key button allows you to type in the text you want the Voki to say.  You can choose an accent and voice for your Voki.  Using the FX tab at the bottom, you can also add sound effects.  Using the play button under the text box allows you to preview the audio.
  • Using the Microphone button, you can plug a microphone into your computer and record what you want the Voki to say.
  • The File button allows you to upload an audio file for the Voki to say.
  • Once you have added your audio, click the green "Done" button at the bottom.

4) Using the Background button, you can choose a background for your Voki:

  • The tree button lets you choose from the backgrounds the site has
  • The file button lets you upload an image to use for the background
  • Once you have chosen a background, click "Done"

5) Use the "Players" button to change the color of the Voki player.  Once you have chosen, click "Done".

6)Once you are finished editing your Voki, hit "Publish" and your Voki will be saved in the "My Voki" area.


Step 4: Share your Voki

1)  Go to My Voki.  You will see the Voki you published.  If it isn't already showing up on the left side of the screen, click on it in the box on the right.

2) Under the Voki on the left side of the screen, there will be a button that says "Send to a Friend".  If you click on this, you can enter a friends e-mail address and send it to them.

3) You can also embed your Voki into a website:

  •   Under the Voki on the left side of the screen you will see 1 and 2 in green circles. 
    • 1) Choose where you want to embed the Voki
    • 2) Choose the size
  • Click "Get Code".  Then copy the code and embed the Voki.





The "Play" tab allows you to access applications, such as designing a virtual surrogate or meshing two photos together to see what their baby would look like.  These applications are fun, but probably would not have much use in the classroom.



How can Voki be used in the Classroom?


Teacher Uses

Teachers can use Vokis to:

  • Communicate with students through a blog or class website
  • Communicate with parents through e-mail
  • Increase student motivation by using Vokis in lessons and assignments
  • Create Vokis of characters or historical figures and use them in their lesson
  • Get the students talking
  • Help ELL students practice speaking English


Student Uses

Students can use Vokis to:

  • Present a project
  • Introduce themselves to their peers
  • Share their ideas
  • Practice a foreign language





1) How to create a Voki


2)Examples of Student Vokis


3) How to add a Voki to a Blogger Blog


4) Examples of how to use a Voki in the classroom with links to ways teachers have used it


5) Voki's ideas for use in the classroom


6) Condensed written directions for using Voki













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