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Voice Thread by Brittney and Janine

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Voice Thread

by Brittney and Janine 


 A. Overview


Here is a short demonstration

of what voice thread is

and how to use it.



Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: b37b320609184b89be81c739e17ec197

B. Now Let’s Do Our Own

Everyone received an email from us within the last

24 hours, inviting you to join our Voice Thread page.

Find the email in your ASU mailbox, and click on the website:


 Tel 313 Voice Thread Mini Teach 


(follow the instructions on the email)

Click the image or the link above to view and participate in the VoiceThread.

Making comments is really simple and you can delete and

re-record as many times as you like.


 First: Create a password; it must be 6 characters or longer


Now the page will load… before you get started it will ask you to add a picture or icon to represent yourself.  Upload the one you brought for today.  If you do not have one, let us know and we have a variety of clip art pictures you can use. 



C. Have fun… Comment on the Picture


There are 4 ways you can comment on this picture:

1. Comment: Click on the comment button and type.

2. Voice: Click on the label button.

Click allow, then begin recording at the prompt.

Click the  prompt when you are done.

You can listen to your recording and either save it or erase it and start again.

3. Call: Click on the telephone button and type in your phone number.

Voicethread will call you within a couple seconds,

it will prompt you through the recording.

4. Video: Click on the camera to record yourself giving a comment.

The computers in this room do have webcams.

However, the dual boot up works differently.

Ask if you need any help being walked through your set up.




D. Other Information 


You can also doodle on the picture while you are commenting

Here is a video that explains how:



If you want to learn how set up a microphone for Windows or Mac heres how:

http://voicethread.com/#u569377.b415.i3143 Windows


http://voicethread.com/#u569377.b416.i3138  Mac


If you want to approve any comments before they are visible to others.

You can use comment moderation, here's how:




E. Create Your Own Voice Thread page


It is so easy... now that you have a login, simply click Create

Now follow the steps... Upload a picture (or two)

Add a title and a description

Add a comment if you want

Now choose your publishing options; do you want it

Private or Public?

Save it and your done!



F. Ways To Use In The Classroom


 Here are some ideas we came up with on how you can use Voice Thread in the classroom

1. Newspaper articles can be posted to discuss.

  2. Math concepts can be explained through a power point and students can ask

questions about certain points by doodling over it.

  3. Students can comment on a picture of a piece of art

  4. A political cartoon can be used to start a discussion about a current event

  5.  Photo from a school field trip can be shared and commented on by studetns

to help create a sense of community

6. Pictures of a science project can be posted and students can discuss whether the hypothesis was reached.

7.  Invitations to school events can be posted and students can create excitement about it with their comments 


This is a brochure made by Voice Thread to teachers on using Voice Thread in the Classroom




Here are other Voice threads which talk about using Voice Thread in Classrooms

and by Educators


Here is a voice thread regarding incorporating technology in education



Here is a great demo on how to use voice thread in education 



This link has a great slide show of ideas from real teachers.



Wiki pages collecting examples of teachers lessons of voicethread ideas.



Video on voicethread in the classroom


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smartboard and voicethread (now thats smart) 

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Here is a great Wiki page that gives lots of ideas to teachers on how to use voice thread



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