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So what is "Skype" anyway?


Skype offers free software (VoIP) so you can commincate, through an internet connection, without worry about cost, time, or distance. 

Skype can be used to talk to other Skype users, instant message, or make video calls. 

You can also make calls to mobile phones and landlines, even abroad, for a fee. 



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Go with us!





What Do I Need to Use Skype?

  • Internet Access
  • Webcam (For video conferencing)
  • Microphone   


Guide to Starting


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Getting Started:

1.  Go to www.skype.com  

2.  Click "Download Skpye Now" 

3.  Click the "Download Skype" Icon on desktop or applications folder

4.  Create a new account  (for new users.)  or Login if you already have an account.

5.  You can now edit your profile.

6.  You can make a test call, to check the sound.

7.  To add a contact, click the "Contacts" tab at the top.

8.  Click "Add a Contact."

9.  You can search for contacts by name or email address.

10.  Select the name, then click "add contact."


Making a Call:

1.  Select the contact you want to call.

2.  Press the green call button.

3.  To switch to a video call, select the blue video button, once the call has connected.

4.  To answer a call, when someone is calling you, click the "Answer"





What's the Cost?

Skype has both free and cost-based features, look below to see the differences.



Skype-to-Skype calls Skype-to-Skype calls Free
Transfer calls to people on Skype Transfer calls to people on Skype Free
Video calls Video calls Free
Instant messaging and group IMs Instant messaging and group IMs Free
Conference calls Conference calls Free
Forward calls Forward calls to people on Skype Free



Call phones and mobiles Call phones and mobiles

From $ 0.021 per minute² – See rates

Buy Skype Credit · Save with a subscription

Receive calls Receive calls from phones and mobiles with an online number

$ 18 or $ 60 (3 or 12 months)

Buy a number · Save with a subscription

Voicemail Send and receive voicemails

$ 6 or $ 20 (3 or 12 months)

Get voicemail · Save with a subscription

Skype To Go number Skype To Go number Available with any purchase of Skype Credit or a subscription.
Forward calls Forward calls to phones

From $ 0.021 per minute² – See rates

Buy Skype Credit · Save with a subscription

SMS messages Send SMS messages

From $ 0,047

See rates · Buy Skype Credit

Transfer calls Transfer calls to phones and mobiles

From $ 0.021 per minute²

Available with a subscription at no extra cost.


For more info on pricing, follow the links: http://www.skype.com/prices/ or http://www.skype.com/features/






Need Help?

Support: https://support.skype.com/

Skype Glossary: https://support.skype.com/glossary;jsessionid=197A5BDD6EBE4447E56DD2C83D25DD33



No emergency calls with Skype.

Skype is not a replacement for

your ordinary telephone and

can't be used for emergency




Skype in the Classroom (Free Version)






·         Cultural Awareness:  Communicate with classrooms, individuals, and families in other countries.

·         Share Knowledge:  Bring a parent, expert, or other guest speaker into the classroom via skype.

·         Talk to author, illustrator, movie producer, etc.

·         After school tutoring

·         Students can use Skype to research:  interview experts

·         Conference with parents, share student work

·         Virtual field trips

·         Virtual Pen pals

·         Have book talks with students in other classes

·         Help teach a foreign language:  Communicate with students who speak a different language

·         Student Collaboration:  Group projects are less of a hassle if students don’t need to meet in person.

·         Professional Development:  Hold teacher conferences, workshops, etc. without the travel expense.



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