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Photo Editing Summer and Josh

Page history last edited by Summer 10 years, 10 months ago

Online photo editing sources... Flickr, photobucket... 







  • no personal photo editing programs
  • share pictures with others
  • place to store and back up photos
  • use instead of cutting up magazines



  • blocked in many schools
  • content is unrestricted, you can find ANYTHING









Create an account

  •      Go to flickr.com
  •      Sign in with yahoo ID or sign up with yahoo to create an account
  •      Build your home page

          -Follow instructions to set security settings, upload and create an avatar, and enter personal information

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Upload photos

  •      From homepage click on upload photos and videos button

                    -Photos can be uploaded from your computer

                    -Once uploaded, add titles, description and organize into sets as desired


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Edit photos

  •      Selet a photo to be edited in your photo stream and click on edit button above picture

                    -Photos are edited with Picnik which is an in web browser photo-editor

                    -Basic photo-editing such a cropping, contrast and exposure adjustments and colors

                    -Advanced options are available to be creative with photos

                              -Most advanced features are only available with premiun account


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Share photos


  •      Tags
  •      Groups
  •      Contacts, Friends and Family




In the search bar at the upper right hand corner of your home page type in your search.

For a search of copyright free images you can use "the Commons"




Flicker Storm
















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