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Kidspiration-Inspiration by Raiza and Alyssa

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                                               Grades K- 5                                                                                             Grades 6- 12



Kidspiration/Inspiration Innovation Mini-Teach 


by Raiza Dottin & Alyssa Erste





I. What is Kidspiration?


  • Kidspiration:

                Is a software program for K-5 learners that helps develop thinking, literacy, and numeracy skills through the use of visual learning principles.

  • Kispiration helps students:

                  -> Develop strong thinking skills

                  -> Strengthen reading and writing skills

                  -> Build conceptual understanding in math

                  -> Great with ELL students!- Allows for more visual based learning

II. Kidspiration- Uses in the K- 5 Classroom:


  • Kidspiration- Student Use:

                  -> Using Picture View allows students to:

                              + Create concept maps, diagrams, and webs to organize their ideas

                  -> Using Writing View allows students to:

                              + Expand their idea into written expression

                  -> Using Math View allows students to:

                              + Understand essential math concepts using visual math tools


  • Visual examples of Student Use:

  • Kidspiration- Teacher Use:

               -> Enhances teaching through the use of visual aids and hands on learning for students.

               -> Helps teachers organize and present information clearly to the class.

               -> Can allow the studnets to work on their own or in groups.

               -> Allows the teacher to provide the scaffolding support that students may need.

               -> Allows the teacher to incorporate technology into the classroom within any subject matter.








III. What is Inspiration?


  • Inspiration:

         Is a software program that allows students to organize and plan their ideas visually in graphic organizers, webs, and concept maps that help transition them to writing.


  • Inspiration helps students: 

         -> Plan and organize

         -> Research and evaluate

         -> Comprehend and communicate



IV. Inspiration- Uses in the 6-12 Classroom:


  • Inspiration- Student Use:

       ->Using Diagram View allows students to:

              + Use different colors and fonts to visually organize ideas. 

              + Represent ideas with pictures and multimedia- such as songs and videos.


         -> Students can change diagram view to outline view to:

              + Further organize ideas until they are ready to be written into a report.

              + Rearrange ideas by dragging them.

              + Get help writing with a dictionary and thesaurus.


         -> Students can access additional tools to:

             + Plan work and use a checklist.

             + Use a template for their work

             + Convert/Export their inspiration diagrams into powerpoint and other documents.

             + Change their diagrams into webpages.



  • Visual examples of Student Use:

                                                               Visual Thinking and Learning Example: Julius Caesar Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer


  • Inspiration- Teacher Use:

    -> Teachers can use template wizards to:

         + Get step-by-step help to connect their work to the curriculum.

     -> Teachers can use curriculum packets to:

         + Get examples for lesson topics

         + Get standard-aligned supplements to instruction in high-school subjects. 

    -> Teachers can use online videos to:

         + Continue to familiarize themselves with Inspiration's features. 


V. Now onto the Activity!!!


  • Creating a Web- Step by Step Instructions:

               -> Go to the start menu on your computer and click on all programs

               -> Click on Inspiration 8

               -> On the Inspiration Starter Menu click on Diagram

                    + You have many options to create a web map

               -> On the left side of the screen you should have a Symbols Tool Bar

                    + You can pick what type of shape you want your main idea bubble to be

                    + On the top tool bar you are given you are given many options to change your text and effects on you main bubble

               -> Once you have the main bubble to your liking, double click on the main idea bubble and re-title it 'Digital Story Elements'

               -> Next, you have two options for the style of next web bubble

                    + You can click on the Create tab (2nd toor bar on top) and create a traditional bubble

                    + You can pick a symbol from your symbols tool bar to visually show a story element

                              - Click down on the scroll bar to see options of pictures

               -> To connect the web bubbles, click on the Link tab (2nd tool bar on top) and place each link to the main bubble

               -> Please add three story elements to your web.

               -> Once completed, please wait for further instruction


  • Using a Existing Activity:

               -> On the Inspiration Starter Menu, click on Templates

               -> Click on Planning- Lesson Plan

               -> Once the web appears, you can change the lesson plan title, agenda, date, by double clicking on the bubble

               -> Please enter information regarding a lesson plan you would like to create

               -> This existing activity allows teachers to create lesson plans using Inspiration

               -> There are also existing activities for other subjects such as science or math that can be used in the classroom




VI. Tutorial Resources for Future Learning:


  • Kidspiration Quickstart Tutorial:


  • Download a free 30 day trial of Kidspiration:


  • Kidspiration in the Classroom- Online Tutorial:



  • Download a free 30 day trial of Inspiration:


  • Inspiration in the Classroom- Online Tutorial:



VII. Application for Future Teaching:


  • How to Integrate Kidspiration into the Classroom Curriculum:


  • Incorporating Kidspiration and the Arizona State Standards:


  • Kidspiration Activities:



  • How to Integrate Inspiration into the Classroom Curriculum:




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