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imovie by constance caruso AND

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by: Kate Corl & Constance Caruso


 What is iMovie? It is a video editing software application which lets Apple users edit their own home movies. You can upload pictures and video clips and play around with those to come up with your own personalized movie.


Movie uses: home, businesses and schools.


Classroom uses: iMovie is a great application for teachers to use. They can make a movie about a lesson they plan to teach, by posting pictures and video clips of different things and adding music and fun transitions to make it more appealing to the students.

            It’s also fun for students to become familiar with iMovie so that they can use it for group projects. It is a lot of fun to play with and very easy to learn.


Easy to find tutorials for your EVERY need:

·    Lynda.com

·    Apple.com

·    Macinsider.com

·    Tuaw.com

·    Applerumors.com


Step by Step directions to making your first iMovie!

1.Upload pictures from thumb drive or internet into iPhoto by dragging them into the iPhoto folder

2.Open iMovie application

3.Look on the right hand side of the screen and you will see a bar with a music symbol, a camera symbol and a “T” (for text) symbol. Click on the camera symbol, this will bring you to your photos in iPhoto.

4.Once you have found your photo, drag it over to the iMovie work area. Keep dragging as many pictures as you want over to your work area until you are happy with the amount. These pictures are what you will be making your movie out of.

5.Once you have the photos in a line, you can drag them around to put them in the order that you want. To do this, click the photo once and wait until you see the hand hovering over it. Now you can grab and move.

6.Next you can add transitions between each photo to make your movie look awesome! To do this, click on the “Window” tab at the top of the screen and scroll down to Transitions. You will see the different transition choices pop up on the right hand side of the screen. Drag the transition you choose and place it between 2 pictures. Repeat this until you have all the transitions you want

7. Your movie is now complete. 


                              iMovie Tutorial


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