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Google Doc Lindsey L and Alyssa D

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Google Doc Lindsey L and Alyssa D





 Google Docs By: Lindsey L. and Alyssa D. 


What are Google Docs?  Google Docs is a site where you can create and share your work online.  The free web-based site allows you to collaborate with partners on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in an efficient, quick way.   



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Accessing Google Docs:


  • Go to your ASU homepage
  • Sign in MyASU
  • Go to my stuff on the top left hand side of the page
  • Click on GOOGLE DOC


Creating a New File:


  • Select Create New
  • Click on Folder
  • Where it says NEW FOLDER type in what you want your Folder to be named.
  • The next line you can add a description of what the file is
  • Select Move to
  • Click on my folders
  • Then click the spot where it shows New Folder
  • Then you can click the save button and your new folder is saved.


How to Add a file to a folder:


  • Once you have items saved or sent to you, you can send them to a folder.
  • Click on All Items
  • Click and hold down on the item you wish to drag
  • Once you have it, drag it on top of the folder that is located on the left side under My folders.
  • Now your item has been saved under the specified folder.


Uploading a File:


  • Click on the upload button

  • Select the files to upload

  • Go back to google doc

  • If you want to share click on the box next to the item you wish to share and then click on the share button

  • Click on the invite button

  • From here you may enter anyone you want to send the file to while being able to rename it and send the people a message.  You may also click if the people are only to view it or if they are able to edit it. 

  •  Then push send, and your message will send.


Creating a New Document:


  • Click on Create new located on the top left.
  • Select Document
  •  Now you are able to write like you would in Word and when you are finished select Save
  • Then if you wish to share it with someone you click on share and select invite people
  • Enter the people you wish to invite and continue like you would in the Uploading section.


Spread Sheet:


  • Click on Create New
  • Select Spread sheet
  • Enter your information and data on the spread sheet.
  • When finished click on save and follow the same directions to invited people as you did in the previous steps.


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  • Select Create New
  • The last option is From Template- Click on it
  • Across the top it says Public, Arizona State, Templates I've used, and My Templates if you click on the options it will show you many different templates you can use that might help you put together information in an easier manner.
  • Click on use this template and it will pop up on your screen for you to use it.
  • Once you have filled in your own information you can save it for you to have or invite someone to see it or to edit it for you the same way you would in the previous sections.


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  • Click on Create New
  • Select Presentation
  • A Screen will open up and it will look a lot like powerpoint.
  • You will use presentation like you would use powerpoint. 
  • As you enter your information and when you are finished you will click save and the steps are the same as the previous sections for this as well.


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What Does Each Button Do?  


Creat New:  The Create new button allows you to choose what type of format you want to create.  Google Docs allows you to make documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.  You can also use this drop-down button to create a new folder.  Folders are how you organize your documents!


Upload:  The upload button is what you want to click when you have something to upload.  Clicking this button leads you to a prompt asking you to select the file you want to upload.  Click on the "select files" link to open up your documents.


Check Mark:  The button/drop down menu with a check mark on it gives you options of what you want to select out of your items.


Share:  The share button is the button you want to click when you want to invite someone access to a document/presentation/spreadsheet/form you are working on.  To invite someone you must know their email address. 


Folders:  To access folders you have created, click on the folders button.


Delete/Rename:  The delete and rename buttons apply to the items you have selected in your items menu.  To delete an item, first, select it and then hit the delete button.  To rename an item, first, select it and then hit the rename button to rename it. 


More Actions:  To use the "More Actions" button first select an item.  Click the "More Actions" button to star, hide, change owner, mark as viewed, export, publish, revise, or submit an item to a gallery. 


Student Uses:


  • Google Docs makes it easier for a student because students can work on projects together using presentation while multiple students can access it and make corrections before turning it in to the teacher.
  • Another great thing about students being able to use google doc is that the students can have a peer editing buddy where if the students are writting a paper for school they can invite their buddy to look and their paper while being able to edit mistakes, the students can send their papers to each other and get the teacher involved by inviting her to join in on your revisions as well.
  • Google Doc also has many applications that students can use, like in a document under insert you can insert an equation so that if a student is having trouble instead of trying to figure it out you can insert the equation on the computer and invite a friend to help you figure out the problem.
  • Students can also set up a calender for when they want to meet like maybe a study group, or reading group and they can also add a schedule for when things are due, to help eachother out so nobody forgets what is due.  



Teacher Use:

 Teachers can use Google Docs for several things!


  • One of these uses includes collaborating with co-teachers.  Since teacher teams in the same grade level teach the same material, they can use Google Docs to work on and edit lesson plans together.  Lessons are more apt to be effective when there is more input frome several minds placed into them. 
  • Google Docs can also be used between teachers and students.  Whenever a student needs feedback on a document/spreadsheet, Google Docs provides an easy way to communicate and share.  For example, when a student is working on an essay and is ready for the teacher to review their work, they can simply share their google document with their teacher by inviting him/her access to the document.  The teacher can then edit the paper and make comments, save the feedback, and the student is able to make the needed changes easily!



What Else Can Google Docs Be Used For?


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