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Delicious-Social Bookmarking-Nancy and Brandon

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1) What is Delcious?

      Delicious (http://delicious.com/) is a valuable website that should be helpful to many students.  The main purpose of the site is to have one place for a person to bookmark their most useful and helpful websites in a helpful and organized way.  No longer does a person have to be at their computer to see their bookmarked websites.  Delicious can be used on any computer at any time.   The bookmarked web pages can also be viewed by others who have a Delicious account.  This means people can find other useful sites through different users.  People can find other research, entertainment, news or any other type of sited that they want to find.



2) Why is Delcious Helpful?     

     As previously talked about, Delicious, can be viewed on any computer with internet access.  If a teacher in a classroom has several educational websites that he or she refers to in class, they can just sign into Delicious and just click on their bookmarks.  The teacher does not have to worry about remembering exact web addresses or names if they have them all in one place in Delicious.  Another reason Delicious is helpful is because a person can share their bookmarks with other people who have an account with Delicious.  Say a teacher is working on a project that involves finding information from different websites that the teacher has told them to use.  Well the teacher does not have to worry about the student’s finding the sites if they are on Delicious, he or she  can just have them set up an account on delicious so they could see his or her bookmarked pages (Grossek, 2008).  They can just click on them and they will be brought to the web site.  The web page could also be used if a student is doing his or her own research.  The student can find other bookmarked pages from other users that have found helpful research sites (Grossek, 2008).Gabriel Grossek, (2008). Using Del.Icio.us In Education. The International Journal of Informatics and New media in education, Retrieved from http://www.scribd.com/doc/212002/Using-delicious-In-Education



Articles About Delcious 

August 4, 2009 11:45 AM PDT

Yahoo's Delicious adds a little Twitter

by Gordon Haff

Delicious, the social-bookmarking service owned by Yahoo, has unveiled home page changes that are intended to do a better job of showcasing links that are currently popular. Although Delicious isn't sharing the exact details of its algorithm, it apparently includes using the number of Twitter messages related to a given item.

Writing on the Delicious blog, Vik Singh, an architect at Yahoo, writes that "For this new Fresh homepage, our system displays recently bookmarked links and tweeted messages focused mostly on technology, web, politics, and media. Underneath the hood, Fresh factors several features into the ranking like related bookmark and tweet counts, "eats our own dogfood"  by leveraging BOSS to filter for high quality results, as well as stitches tweets to related articles even if the tweets do not provide matching URLs."

The issue that Delicious is trying to address here is that the existing "Popular Bookmarks" tab (which will continue to be available) tends to point to what Singh describes as "authoritative resources rather than fresh news." This is because, although Delicious is often described as a social-bookmarking service, in fact, many use it primarily as a way to store bookmarks online solely for their own purposes. And, in fact, Delicious even introduced private tags in 2007 that made it possible to save bookmarks without sharing.

Not everyone is happy about the change. Delicious founder Joshua Schacter, who left Yahoo last year (and is now at Google) writes on Twitter that "I can't BELIEVE delicious did integration with other social networks before finishing with its own." He adds that "i had always wanted delicious to show notes from your social network on the links that you bookmark."

Social bookmarking has often seemed like rather the red-haired stepchild of social media. Its evolution in general has been slow and there's long been a tension between bookmarking to share and bookmarking to store.

In general, social bookmarking services have also failed to surface the data that they have stored in ways that allow for useful and serendipitous exploration. This latest announcement tries to do something about that by making use of data from Twitter, a service that's all about the now.



December 10, 2008 9:36 AM PST

Daily Tidbits: Delicious goes on the road

by Don Reisinger

Social-bookmarking site Delicious announced Tuesday that it has launched a mobile site to allow users to view saved pages while on the go. Delicious Mobile allows users to browse saved bookmarks, view their in-box, and browse recent bookmarks and tags from the Delicious community. The company says it will integrate its social search engine into the mobile site next.

Analysts from market research firm Gartner said Wednesday that organizations need to understand how social networks are "altering the recruitment landscape and adapt recruiting strategies and systems accordingly." Gartner analysts went on to say that by 2011, organizations that fail to effectively manage their brands through social networks will not be able to attract top talent.

Truphone, a company that provides VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) calls over the Web through mobile phones, announced Wednesday that it has added two new features to its iPhone app. Dubbed Truphone Anywhere, the company's app will now allow iPhone users to make calls over GSM when a Wi-Fi connection isn't available. The updated app will also allow for inbound calling, providing free conversations between two iPhone Truphone users.

MySpace announced Wednesday that it has launched a new product called MySpace Toolbar to offer users activity notifications while away from the social network. Starting Wednesday, MySpace users will be able to install the toolbar into their browser and receive real-time alerts and notifications including new friend requests, messages, comments, and friend updates. The toolbar's MySpace Search feature will be powered by Google.

QuickPlay Media, a company that provides mobile TV and video solutions, unveiled its mobile video usage study Wednesday. According to its research, which is based on activity on 15 QuickPlay-powered services during the July through September quarter, total video downloads increased by more than 87 percent over the previous quarter. Average downloads per user increased by 42 percent to four downloads per user per month. Total video streams grew more than 27 percent over the previous quarter and the average user streamed 19.3 videos per month.


3) Sign up

Getting connected to Delicious

  1. Go to the website Delicous.com
  2. On the right upper hand CLICK “Join Now”
  3. Put information in

Registering and sharing bookmarks

  1. Click “Save new bookmark”
  2. Enter URL (www.asu.edu, azcentral.com, nytimes.com) and click Next
  3. Put in any notes you want on the webpage
  4. Put in any tags for the webpage
  5. If you want to show it to  anybody in the Delicious Network put  the person’s username in the send section (The person you sent it to will receive it in their inbox)
  6. Click Save

Adding People to network for sharing bookmarks

  1. Under your page click “Network”
  2. Click “Add a user to Network” on the right hand side in the blue  box
  3. Type in the person’s  username and click add

Viewing or changing Tags

  1. Under your page click “Tags”
  2. To change anything about a tag click either “rename tags,” “delete tags,” “manage tag bundles.”

Adding Subscriptions to users

  1. Under your page click “Subscriptions”
  2. Click “Add a subscription” on the right hand side in the blue  box
  3. Type in the person’s  username and click add


4) Teacher Uses

Delicious is an easy and helpful resource for the classroom.  The site is used to bookmark and share those bookmarks to other people who are using delicious.  The main difference between this just being a regular book mark type ordeal is since Delicious is an online source, one can log on (if they are able to get an internet connection) and find their book marked websites from any computer. How can this be helpful in the classroom?


5) Student uses


Delicious is easy enough for students in 4th grade to use.  Students can use this site to bookmark educational sites that will help with homework, for example tutoring web sites, sites with help in math, language arts, etc.  Delicious can be useful for students when they have a research paper due.  Students can easily bookmark web sites needed for their research, making it easy to collect data for their research.  When working in group projects, students are able to share bookmarks with each other, again making it easy and faster for students to share information.


7)  Youtube tutorial


Youtube video on how to use Delicios in classrooms


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 6)  Links about Delicious in the Classroom


http://jenverschoor.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/using-delicious-in-my-classroom/    Site gives information on how one can use Delicious in the classroom.


http://melanie1987.wordpress.com/2007/08/22/delicious-in-the-classroom/    Talks about the uses of Delcious and advantages of Delcious in the classroom.


http://langwitches.org/blog/2006/07/28/delicious-uses-for-teachers-and-the-classroom/   Includes specific uses for teachers and Delicious.


http://www.pbs.org/teachers/learning.now/2006/05/tag_youre_delicious.html    Talks about  uses of Delcious in classrooms.


http://www.scribd.com/doc/2413801/The-Role-of-Delicious-in-Education   Information about how Delcious works and why is improtant in classrooms.


http://www.scribd.com/doc/212002/Using-delicious-In-Education   Information about why Delcious is improtant and how it is good for classrooms.




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